Best practice for Water Sampling

  1. The need for water sampling and testing will be determined from your Legionella Risk Assessment (LRA).
  2. Water samples have to be tested by UKAS accredited laboratories.
  3. As part of the Legionella Risk Control Programme water sampling rates will be determined based on the risk from the system and the type of system under consideration.
  4. High risk systems such as showers, cooling towers will require regular water sampling and testing for legionella bacteria as part of the Legionella Risk Control Management programme.
  5. When water systems are consistently non-compliant, in respect of Legionella Risk Management Control programmes, then it is normal for water samples to be taken to ensure that Legionella has not become a problem.
  6. There is no requirement to sample every water system regularly, only those where sampling forms part of your Legionella Risk Control Programme.

GES Water can provide a water sampling service. As part of this service we will provide approved sample bottles, take samples if required, and then provide you with a certificate of test results from a UKAS-accredited laboratory.

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