A glove saying Stop COVID-19

COVID-19 – A Further Business Update

As you already know by now, we’re strongly committed to maintaining the highest standards of health & safety and protecting the welfare of our staff and clients, and never more so than in these unprecedented times.
Now that lockdown restrictions are easing and some businesses are able to re-open, we’d like to inform you that we’re continuing to provide essential compliance services to all of our clients. This includes temperature monitoring, water sampling, cleaning and disinfections, which should form an essential part of the recomissioning plans for any building that’s being reopened. We are of course abiding by Government guidance on social distancing as well as being highly stringent with all our hygiene measures, with all GES staff working diligently to adhere to this.

A glove saying Stop COVID-19
We’re taking all appropriate measures to combat COVID-19, including full PPE.

As detailed in our recent blog article, it’s vital that you’re aware of the increased risks of Legionella, TVC, E-coli Total Coliforms Bacteria and Pseudomonas if your building has been empty or unused for a period of time. We want to reiterate that it’s unlikely that buildings can simply be reopened with no additional measures being taken. Start-up procedures for systems should be considered before buildings are reopened, with specific consideration given to:

  • Water system cleaning and disinfection
  • Sampling 
  • Water quality checks

Remember, if we can be of any assistance with returning your buildings to service by carrying out system disinfections, sampling, and/or water quality checks please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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